I would like to introduce Lakota who has been a very instrumental community member!

So far at hack613 she has learned to use CNC machines, laser, arduino and other skills. She has even fixed one of the CNC machines! She’s a great example of a person who contributes to the community!

She has helped facilitate meetups including managing the door and phone and general facility management.   She’s also helped with workshops with promotion and logistics. She also made a donation jar which helped raise money for supplies! She’s participated in not just the meetups that she facilitated but has a presence at our other pop-ups including field trips to Green Drinks Ottawa, ImagineSpace, Ottawa Impact Hub and Drawing at Atomic!

She’s got some cool projects including a rollybot, four servo robot, computer art, block printing and much more!


Meetups 2018

We’re starting to talk about if, when and where we want a meetup during the weekday evenings.  The discussion is in our online chat forum. I’m very curious to see what people want.

Here are pictures from Friday and Sunday. I forgot to take pictures so there’s not much.

ImagineSpace Lasers

We are partnered with the Ottawa Public Library makerspace called ImagineSpace. We have one of the lasers booked for our meetups. You must take the safety certification and use the our queueing process within the meetups. Once you’ve completed the safety course you can book it (and other equipment) anytime you want as well (Mini, Helix).

Ottawa Public Library – Nepean Centrepointe
101 Centrepointe Drive
(613) 580-2940

Ottawa Super Maker Party

We just did our last maker party last night.  Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and keep an eye on the calendar for any developments in meetup schedules.

Kits for Block Printing

Adrian put together some kits so the people in the block printing workshops could have something to take home and start printing right away.

We still have three left so please contact me at

The kits are $30.