3D Printers

We have a BFB 3D printer with dual heads and a cubic foot build area. Also a Printrbot with an 8x8x8″ build area.

Overhead Projector

Fusion 360 workshop.

We’ve got an overhead projector for sharing and meetings.

Also four furnished board rooms and 20 chairs with lots of table space.

Sunday Arduino Meetup

Yesterday we experimented with wooden ink stamps. The stamps are made using the CNC cutter and we were hand pressing the stamps. This is incredibly fun and I’m pretty sure some of will be making more! I did a demo of making a stamp and I made up my own business card.

Sarah was showing off her arduino project. As you can see she’d been 3D printing, soldering, breadboarding and programming. Her project is a haptic feedback system.

Ottawa Makerspace

After just two months of operation the makerspace now has people, projects and tools! We are really enjoying the space, collaboration, sharing and fun.

Here are a few pictures from last Sunday’s meetup (and some other meetups and activities).


Sewing Machine

We’ve got a sewing machine. I had no idea how much fun these things were!

In the pictures below we are doing freehand sewing. You flip a couple of switches and then you are able to move the fabric manually in any direction.


We will post the manual and instructions later.

I’ve been poking around and this might be “KENMORE SEWING MACHINE 158.14100” and it may be from the 60s.

Or it’s something not very far off from this: