Sunday Arduino Meetup

Yesterday we experimented with wooden ink stamps. The stamps are made using the CNC cutter and we were hand pressing the stamps. This is incredibly fun and I’m pretty sure some of will be making more! I did a demo of making a stamp and I made up my own business card.

Sarah was showing off her arduino project. As you can see she’d been 3D printing, soldering, breadboarding and programming. Her project is a haptic feedback system.

Ottawa Makerspace

After just two months of operation the makerspace now has people, projects and tools! We are really enjoying the space, collaboration, sharing and fun.

Here are a few pictures from last Sunday’s meetup (and some other meetups and activities).


May 17 Blink

We worked on the CD-Dress project. There are now seven people on the project (some making more than one dress). More news to be released on this project soon! If you are interested in this project, send a note to

There was also an Arduino Blink scheduled for 7pm but there were no RSVP. We did have one person show but he didn’t have a laptop. So I made an arrangement for him to come back for a more serious session.


At our meetup today we did Mom portraits for Mothers Day.

We used our drawing robot which is an open source Axidraw system designed by Evil Mad Scientist.

Was quite a bit of fun.

Also Doug et. al. did some soldering in the oven.