Meetups 2018

We’re starting to talk about if, when and where we want a meetup during the weekday evenings.  The discussion is in our online chat forum. I’m very curious to see what people want.

Here are pictures from Friday and Sunday. I forgot to take pictures so there’s not much.

Ottawa Super Maker Party

We just did our last maker party last night.  Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and keep an eye on the calendar for any developments in meetup schedules.


At last nights meetup there were a lot of electronics projects plus I brought out my flexographic printing project.

I did a presentation on the software toolchain I’m using for my flexographic printing project.

I made some plates for a portrait for Inessa but they came out warped. Arnold put them in the oven at 325 stacked between plates of aluminum and a 10lb ballast and they came out perfect.

Everyone got a go at it.

Here are the prints of Inessa.