Not a Store

Way back in the old days at Artengine, there was this very cool initiative called something like “Have a Part, Need a Part” or something like that. I believe it was initiated by Ryan Stec and it was a repository of parts and materials that people shared.

At Make613 Dave Hunt initiated a similar project (right) except the items were labeled and priced. The idea was if you had extra stuff (like when you order 100 of something but only needed 20), you can place some of them on the parts share board. Other people who need the parts can avoid mail order plus you can reduce your inventory.

This was great for Arduino and electronic parts since those activities are so parts oriented. And it facilitated a bit of trading and sharing of extra parts.

So lets set this up for our new makerspace.

Anybody can put parts on it. Simply label them and then place the details of how people can get those parts (you can recover the cost, donate the money or whatever you want they’re your parts).