How it Works (Edit in Progress)

This document is a work in progress! Feedback is very welcome. Please forward to!

Member Types

Community (FREE): You can attend the open house hours and use shared tools supervised by a member who’s qualified. Also there will be many free workshops.


Any member can add more storage. The cost is being reviewed.

You can keep the rates that were posted at the time  for up to one year as long as you are continually enrolled (even if prices are adjusted).


Open house hours are Wednesdays from 6pm to 9pm: Everybody is welcome. Check the calendar to be sure.

Regular hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30pm to 10pm. During this time entry level members can come.

House Equipment

If equipment is free you can walk up.  You can book equipment in the booking system for an hour at a time.

Community Equipment

There will be procedure for members to add more tools. You can add whatever you want to your own space of course. For adding tools to the common space that can be done using a grace period of one week and then will be subject to review of community management and members.

Any member with space can put equipment in their own space and either use or share it how ever they want with other members.

A member can also propose to place their equipment in the main space and of course then it would be available for everyone (subject to whatever certification or pricing model the owner wants to use).

A member can place a tool or machine into the shared space for up to one week in order to get buy in from others. At the end of the week a decision will be made as to weather the equipment can become community equipment.

Social Media


Social Cues

Being a shared space we would like to make it easier for people to collaborate and focus.

We will provided the following flags you can post where you are working.

Focusing/Come Say Hi!/I’m Stuck Please Help!


There will be a schedule of quiet times and other times where a certain noise level will be permitted.


No items will be plugged in, in the space when there is nobody there.

House Workshops

There house workshops will be run for members and will include all the certifications for house equipment.

Community Workshops

Any community member can propose a workshop.


The front door will remain locked at all times. If you don’t have a key ring doorbell or email or text someone you know is in who can let you in.

Proceed directly to the space down the hallway as we share the venue with two other software companies. Please do not disturb the other tenants.


Try to share the table surfaces during meetups.


If you have boxes of stuff consider putting it on the floor neatly. If you need to have it on a table to unload it consider moving it to the floor after. Try not to use a nice work surface for storage.


This small pilot project runs from May to December 2017.

We will continue the project if it proves popular enough.